You’re Pretty Good Looking…

I recently attended my first eating disorder recovery support group. I’d searched for groups in the past and been unable to find anything in the city, so as soon as I located this one, I knew I needed to make myself go. The small group met in a cozy basement room of a local university building. Overall, the experience was positive and left me feeling welcomed, warm and hopeful.

Later that night, though, as I lay down to try to sleep, I found my brain swimming with thoughts..

“I don’t know why you went to that group. There’s not even anything wrong with you! Good grief. Your weight is perfectly healthy. No one thinks you look ill, so you obviously aren’t. Yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Living with an eating disorder is much like playing host to an evil twin who perches herself on your shoulder incessantly whispering cruel and belittling comments into your ear. You never feel good enough, pretty enough, deserving enough. But though it sometimes feels more comfortable to consider the ED as separate from yourself, I believe this displacement of responsibility could be potentially harmful.

The reality is, all these thoughts are coming from your own brain, not some separate entity. Frustrating? Absolutely. But admitting these thoughts are a part of yourself means returning the power to where it belongs. In you.

Let me say this, as much for myself as for anyone who might be reading: You deserve peace. You deserve joy. And you deserve to not continue to live in a way that leaves you tired, weak, ill and socially-isolated. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

2 thoughts on “You’re Pretty Good Looking…”

  1. How is the support group going? I tried that, but couldn’t handle being around other girls with ED’s. AA and NA meetings felt a little better. I hope it’s working well for you!

  2. I have only gone once. Trying to convince myself to go again, but I agree with you. Being surrounded by girls with EDs is a little exhausting, and to be completely honest, I get so tired of thinking about food and weight issues 24/7 that sometimes the idea of going to a group and talking about it even more is incredibly unappealing. I feel like it could have the potential to be helpful, but I’m also very aware of the potential of it being incredibly triggering. How have you been?

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