On Emotions

Do you ever have one of those “aha!” moments? The moments when something once obscure and foggy, suddenly becomes clear, precise, tangible? (You know, like when it suddenly occurs to you that AYCE stands for “all you can eat” and isn’t in fact some strange fish in the scrod family. Oh wait, you knew that all along? Nevermind.)

One of these such moments occurred over an incredibly simple idea: Emotions are neutral.

And this changes everything!

When you come to the realization that emotions just are, you no longer experience guilt over feelings of anger, depression, frustration, apathy, etc. It is not the emotions themselves which determine right or wrong. It is how a person chooses to respond to these emotions that is important.

Repeatedly, others apologize to me for what they feel. “I’m sorry for being a downer.” “I’m sorry for venting.” “I’m sorry I don’t feel like hanging out today.” Stop the apologies!

To feel is human and that is a remarkable and beautiful thing! 

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